Our Vision

Our vision is to make a joyfull company, where everyone is encouraged to contribute to the best of their ability & then together deliver the highest quality of service, creating lasting value to Society

  1. Joyfull working together
  2. Joyfull get wealthy together
  3. Joyfull enjoy future life

Company history

Established in 1984, Joowha has set up itself as leader company in packaging materials in Asia. With policy “Quality is our first priority”, all our employees are making effort to maintain Quality Management System (QMS) in all levels.

We keep supplying qualified products from Vietnam factory all over the world & has been trusted partner of renowned chemical companies, agricultural association in North Europe/Korea/Japan.

In 2020, the world suffered from a global health crisis of our time, Covid 19., which seems to be the greatest challenge we have faced since World War Two. This pushes up digital technology for teleworking, tele education, preparing for a Stay-at-home economy.

This pandemic is also considered a message from God to awake us on the awareness of our health. People raises their own consciousness on their health & simply needs more care-service.

Listen to the demand on enjoying remote life, especially of retired elderly, we recently set up another Business named Oasis Life, targeted in People Care-giver, helping from elderly to children, the weak, the handicapped, the patients, even offer the house-keeper service, etc.

Our delicated staffs will assist you for designing & fully enjoy Oasis Life near beautiful beach or simply in your own house.